50,000 Tonnes Process Per Year
  • Contracted to process green waste on behalf of waste management companies and local authorities.
  • Garden waste turned into green compost.
  • Capability to increase production of peat free products.

Freeland offers clear benefits for waste-management companies and local authorities to efficiently and cost-effectively deal with large volumes of green-waste and achieve recycling targets.

Freeland has the capacity to handle large volumes of green-waste.

Freeland operates a large green waste composting facility based near Doncaster, handling the green waste from Barnsley, Rotherham and Doncaster.

Freeland's open windrow site currently compost approximately 50,000 tonnes of green-waste a year, producing 30,000m3 of 10mm compost, supplying two main markets, bagged horticultural retail products and its internal topsoil business. With a site licence to receive 100,000 tonnes of green-waste annually, Freeland has ample capacity to comfortably handle even greater tonnages of waste from the surrounding area.

30,000m3 Of Compost Per YearThis capacity means that as well as offering our customers a competitive Gate Fee, we are also able to provide them with peace-of mind when it comes to the logistics of handling green-waste and that the compost created is utilised in high profile, high value markets.

Freeland is at the forefront of the UK composting industry.  Its primary role is not waste management but the production of horticultural products. The compost produced from the green waste is a valuable material in the Company’s product range.

Freeland offers customers an environmentally-sustainable solution.

In addition, and unlike any green-waste handlers, Freeland has not only the composting expertise but also unique proprietary technology to transform the oversize fraction from the composting process into a peat-replacing compost.

This system effectively cleans the oversize fraction to remove unwanted plastic, stones, metal etc. and through a mechanical process the product produced resembles peat. Under the current DEFRA peat debate, the product could replace much of the peat used in the UK.

By diverting the tonnage of green-waste going to landfill, Freeland is able to offer waste management companies and local authorities with an environmentally sustainable as well as cost-effective green waste solution that will allow them to efficiently meet green-waste recycling targets.

Freeland's processes and products meet the most stringent standards.

Freeland possesses a high level of technical competence both with composting and soils. Both sciences are closely linked together which puts Freeland in a unique position and elevates itself as a company well above many other composters who consider the industry as waste management and not horticultural supply.

By taking responsibility for the composting process Freeland has built a reputation for the very highest quality processing standards as well as for the quality of the finished compost that is produced - all of which meet the BSI PAS100 standard.


  • Green waste recycling to a high specification to meet quality product demands.
  • Established and increasing markets for quality compost products of various grades. Recycling of the oversize material from the composting process.
  • Absolute minimum waste from the composting process.
  • Minimum waste disposal to Landfill from the composting facility.
  • Environmentally-friendly meeting recycling targets.

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