Olympic Park

Olympic Park

London 2012 - Olympic ParkSince its conception and development, the London 2012 Olympic Development Authority has always stipulated that it will be the "Greenest Games Ever". This would be achieved through a series of recycling and remediation methods, and through the introduction of parkland areas that reflect the various ecologies found naturally around Britain.

To accomplish this goal the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) engaged with multiple organisations including Freeland Horticulture Ltd’s owner and Soil Scientist, George Longmuir to understand the technical structure of UK soils that are needed to support various tree and plant life.

For these ecologies to thrive, large volumes of up to 12 different soil types were required to provide the right chemical balance to encourage growth for the vast number of plant species being introduced.

London 2012 - Olympic ParkDue to our expertise as a soil manufacturer and distributer, Freeland Horticulture Ltd was employed to supply the various types of soil. Materials including recycled green compost were transported to our soil sites in Rainham, Essex and Sevenoaks in Kent, where they were blended with various minerals to match the 12 different technical specifications.

Depending on the type of plant life being introduced, the chemical balance of the soil was critical. Careful studies were carried out to ensure that only the right materials were included in to each soil. This also had a dramatic effect on the quantity of recycled material allowed in some of the soils, with levels of recycled material ranging from 15% to 40%.

London 2012 - Olympic ParkDuring the park's construction, Freeland Horticulture has provided constant and in-depth technical support and analysis to ensure that all the soils produced remained constant in their chemical properties. This work is due to continue in to the legacy stage of the park life, where additional areas will be transformed from sporting event areas into further green areas.

In total Freeland Horticulture has supplied 90% of the soils used on the Olympic park and continues to be the largest and most technically qualified soil manufacturer and supplier in Britain.